Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Greetings To All! 

     We hope that everyone has weathered hurricane Sandy successfully and our prayers go out to those who have been adversely affected by her mighty power. The sun is just starting to peek out here in North Hampton. The show is really shaping up to be a lovely way to ease in to the Holiday spirit. Gathering rooms and holiday touches surround you. We have a gorgeous, antique pharmacy counter with original glass, just waiting to be come a fantastic bar for someone. Unusual piece fresh from an Ohio family who held on to it for years after their family closed the pharmacy. Now they want someone else to love and appreciate it. Cheer up and come browse through the old days at Sage Farm. We can't wait to see you at the Market!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sage in November

We are pleased to announce that we will be remaining at the former Rollins furniture building at 144 Lafayette Road for our November show. The show title is Gathering Rooms and we will be adding a Christmas touch to the displays. The Rollins building sets the stage for such a beautiful show and who doesn't love the holiday season!

Stay posted for news about December, we aren't sure where we will be that month but we will post it as soon as we know.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where is Sage Farm being held & why?

Hello and Happy Summer days to everyone,

     Our customers have been asking when we are returning to the Rollins building and we wanted to let you know we will be back there for October. The September show is still at the Exeter Road location and there is no entry fee.

     We started trying some shows at the Rollins building to broaden our exposure in the community. This has worked wonderfully. Lots more folks know about us and many of our customers enjoy the larger show as much as the usual Sage location. We don't own the Rollins building and there fore must charge an entry fee as it is a much more costly show to produce. We still love our original location and will not be leaving there on a permanent basis, as far as we know right now.

     For the forseeable future we will be at Exeter Road for September and The Rollins building for October. We are waiting to see if it will be possible for us to stay at The Rollins building for November and if offered the chance, we will stay there for November and December.

     Thanks to all for their patience and understanding about revealing the schedule slowly but surely.  In the future we would like to make some improvements to the Exeter Road location and perhaps expand a bit....but who knows when we can manage that! Until then, we will continue with the same quality, interesting and lovely shows that we currently promote.

Be Well.  Sharyl

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March 1st! The month of Spring's Arrival.

We will return to the Rollins building for our first regular market of the 2012 season which is titled Garden Planning. The dates are April 6th-8th and we will have our usual fantastic assortment of dealers with fresh to the market stock and great outdoor decorating ideas.....don't worry, inside ideas too!

Also, we are so pleased to thank Flea Market Style Magazine for listing us as a favorite occasional sale from Coast to Coast, we are the only sale listed for New Hampshire! Thanks again Flea Market style....we want to know when you will be visiting our coastal region for some fun shopping on this side of the U.S.!

Grab your copy of Flea Market Style at Home Depot. Lowes, CVS or any large grocery chain. This issue is just beautiful (as usual), with loads of great ideas.