Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March 1st! The month of Spring's Arrival.

We will return to the Rollins building for our first regular market of the 2012 season which is titled Garden Planning. The dates are April 6th-8th and we will have our usual fantastic assortment of dealers with fresh to the market stock and great outdoor decorating ideas.....don't worry, inside ideas too!

Also, we are so pleased to thank Flea Market Style Magazine for listing us as a favorite occasional sale from Coast to Coast, we are the only sale listed for New Hampshire! Thanks again Flea Market style....we want to know when you will be visiting our coastal region for some fun shopping on this side of the U.S.!

Grab your copy of Flea Market Style at Home Depot. Lowes, CVS or any large grocery chain. This issue is just beautiful (as usual), with loads of great ideas.