Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where is Sage Farm being held & why?

Hello and Happy Summer days to everyone,

     Our customers have been asking when we are returning to the Rollins building and we wanted to let you know we will be back there for October. The September show is still at the Exeter Road location and there is no entry fee.

     We started trying some shows at the Rollins building to broaden our exposure in the community. This has worked wonderfully. Lots more folks know about us and many of our customers enjoy the larger show as much as the usual Sage location. We don't own the Rollins building and there fore must charge an entry fee as it is a much more costly show to produce. We still love our original location and will not be leaving there on a permanent basis, as far as we know right now.

     For the forseeable future we will be at Exeter Road for September and The Rollins building for October. We are waiting to see if it will be possible for us to stay at The Rollins building for November and if offered the chance, we will stay there for November and December.

     Thanks to all for their patience and understanding about revealing the schedule slowly but surely.  In the future we would like to make some improvements to the Exeter Road location and perhaps expand a bit....but who knows when we can manage that! Until then, we will continue with the same quality, interesting and lovely shows that we currently promote.

Be Well.  Sharyl