Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sage Returns from The Country Living Show


   We have just returned from the First Annual Country Living Show in Rhinebeck, NY and it was such fun!
The crowds were so huge we couldn't leave our tent on Saturday or Sunday! Friday, opening day, it poured :( but the serious shoppers were there and went right under our tarped area to buy furniture!
     The area was lovely. We stayed in Kingston, NY which meant we traveled over The Kingston Bridge and the view was just gorgeous. Found a great restaurant called The Albany Post Road House with fresh delicious food and fair prices.
     Fingers crossed that Country Living sets the show there next year again (we heard they are) because we will be there!

Be Well,


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Esteemed shoppers!   Please read the post below and if you have snagged some great finds at Sage Farm please!!!!! Tell them your story. C'mon now, who hasn't scored a great find at Sage Farm Antiques! Help a sista out here :) Thanks for your support and we look forward to another great season for 2013!

Be Well,      Sharyl

We at Flea Market Style love a good rerun, and today, we
are once again asking you to  Tell us about one of your favorite junk/antique/vintage purchases from an antiques shop, vintage store, flea market, thrift shop or auction house still in business!
No garage or estate sale finds for this query, please!
What was it?
Why do you love it?
Where did you buy it?
Please share the name and location of where you scored your great find. We may publish your response in an upcoming issue of Flea Market Style.
You can contact us by sending an email to with "FAVORITE VINTAGE PURCHASE" in the subject line. Dont forget to include your FULL NAME and contact information (as well as your blog/website, if you have one) so we can get in touch with follow-up questions.

Don't spare the details! Ki purchased Glenda, pictured, from Jim Cox while junking  in West Point, Neb. She and Cammie climbed ladders and pawed through the contents of numerous shelves in search of  treasure...and there she was!

We look forward to hearing your stories, too!

Christine and Kim

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FOLK Magazine 2013 Journal Challenge#Sharing My Story

This week's Community Journal Challenge From Folk Magazine asks:

Reflect on the meaning of time. What do you spend your time doing? Is there something you wish you had more time to do?

     Time, has been on my mind a lot lately. I turned 55 in makes one pause for reflection.
My husband (the pilot in command) has always laughed at my frequent, audible wishing that I could clone myself and experience a number of things in life at the same time. I never feel like I have enough time for anything! There's a me that wants to live in Ireland for at least a year. There's a me that wants to buy and restore old houses....real estate is a hobby of mine you might say. Dreaming about lovely arched hallways and crusty pantry doors as I drive by an old farmhouse. Time spent on the front porch with fresh squeezed lemonade....unique rocking chairs in a bright cheery red.....but I digress.


This year more than any I am giving more thought to how I spend my time...because the bottom line is...there just isn't enough of it to do what I would like to do. So....time to give thought to priorities. What has become most important in my life. What can I live without or can I choose not to do, so as to be able to DO
the many other things that catch my fancy. How can I best use my time. An age old question that, if I may so myself, becomes more important with age.
     Time to realize that I probably won't be able to do everything...getting older makes you a bit more realistic...not much...but a bit.
     What's on the list for 2013?  Learning how to needle felt, better personal care and exercise, participating in a new antique show or antiques related experience....maybe a buying trip to somewhere new.
     Also, taking the time to learn to listen and watch better. Could be the hardest thing to spend my valuable time doing...but clearly so important. Care to join me on the porch for a thinking session and some lemonade? Time well spent.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Folk Magazine Community Journal Prompt March 3rd, 2013

FOLK Magazine 2013 Journal Challenge  #SharingMyStory

Although my husband (the pilot in command as he calls himself after getting his pilot's license for his 50th birthday....) does the vegetable gardening, I'd like to responsibility for the fact that we have all those wonderful veggies each year. Let me explain. About 5 years ago, in one of my fits of energy, I insisted we put raised beds in, close to the front yard, so the critters wouldn't bother them. Jerry grumbled but complied, recognizing that he was up against something far bigger than he could defy!  He built and filled and raked and prepared 3 nice size beds. I stood by and asked for at least 3 feet between beds so I could put in brick walkways with the brick I hauled back from Upstate NY....but that's another story....
      While he did all this he explained how I was never going to get to these beds because I was already so busy and this was a waste of time and ridiculous.
      I think we managed to plant seeds in the beginning, but pretty quickly we switched to seedlings. We have fresh tomatoes, the most wonderful deep purple Italian eggplant, crisp, cool, cucumbers, dark green peppers and more. I also insisted on ornamental corn because I had visions of rows of gold, rust and burgundy kernels in big wooden bowls for display in our antique shop. The Pilot In Command said it wouldn't work....he was right).
      Recently the Pilot In Command planted potatoes and they are the very best potatoes we have ever tasted. We planted more the second year because they were so darn good and they were gone by late October! We planted Jalapeno peppers one year and the Pilot In Command made delicious, hot Red and Green Pepper jelly. Beautiful glistening shades of green and red that we gave to friends for Christmas.
       So, here we are and it's coming up on Spring of 2013 and you ask...What will you be planting in your gardens this year? Well, if it's up to me we will plant pumpkins, corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, eggplant, cauliflower, peppers (all sorts), tomatoes (can't wait to try a new fried green tomato recipe!) kale, heirloom varieties to try new things, strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb...oh! and asparagus. But, you see, it's not up to me.
      The Pilot In Command works those beds as if they are his babies. Taking a break from the hectic office phone calls and paperwork that sometimes weigh on his shoulders so hard and so heavy, he can't leave the seat in his office. The seat that looks out on the garden of 3 raised beds. The beds that have become his therapy in a sometimes too busy world. I'll come home to work on a day when he is working out of the home office and he will be muddy and happily watering the raised beds. "Taking a mental health break".
Lucky I have so much energy eh? I think we'll plant what ever The Pilot In Command wants to this year...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

FOLK Magazine 2013 Journal Challenge   What family memento do you cherish and why?   This is the blog prompt for Folk Magazine for the week of February 9th....I can think of a number of things I inherited when my mother passed away that I am very fond of. There is a large salt glazed piece of pottery that was originally my grandmother's and when we were children my mother kept the old bags she brought home from the grocery store in it, to be used over again. At some point my father made a wooden lid with an old porcelain handle on it to cover the pot because the family dog was fond of sticking a nose in there and spreading the bags all over the house.
    Then there is a the old iron doorstop that has some sort of  terrier on the front of it. Nice and heavy, it currently holds the kitchen pantry door open for me. But the thing I cherish the most, isn't really as much family related as it is a token of  my mother. When I was in my very early 20's I bought my mother a ring with 3 garnets on it for her birthday. Her birthday was in March, but mine, you see was in January. Hence the garnet was my birthstone and I thought it would be a great mother's gift to have her oldest child's birthstone on her ring. She loved it and wore it all the time. When she passed away I inherited it and I wear it, probably not as much as I should but I am hard on rings, being in the antique business. No matter, when ever I do wear it I can't help but think of my mom. And miss her and the laughs we would share and the gardening stories we would try to out do each other with. Miss you mom, think of you all the time and send you hugs up there in heaven.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Folk Magazine asks....In the near future, what are you looking forward to most?

      That's a tough one! The weather has been so cold here in New England I think it's Spring I am looking forward to most....but that can't come soon enough!. Then there's the antiques show we will be putting on this weekend. It will feel good to get back to work after being on a little sabbatical for the holidays. Cabin Fever Market will offer the chance to get my creative juices going again. Leaving on a buying trip next week, that's something to look forward to as well!
     Moral of the story is, especially in this business...our minds are constantly going and it's hard to choose just one thing! Let's make it simple, I am most looking forward to jammies and working on my latest felting project when I get home. Now tomorrow.....that's a different story....