Monday, March 4, 2013

Folk Magazine Community Journal Prompt March 3rd, 2013

FOLK Magazine 2013 Journal Challenge  #SharingMyStory

Although my husband (the pilot in command as he calls himself after getting his pilot's license for his 50th birthday....) does the vegetable gardening, I'd like to responsibility for the fact that we have all those wonderful veggies each year. Let me explain. About 5 years ago, in one of my fits of energy, I insisted we put raised beds in, close to the front yard, so the critters wouldn't bother them. Jerry grumbled but complied, recognizing that he was up against something far bigger than he could defy!  He built and filled and raked and prepared 3 nice size beds. I stood by and asked for at least 3 feet between beds so I could put in brick walkways with the brick I hauled back from Upstate NY....but that's another story....
      While he did all this he explained how I was never going to get to these beds because I was already so busy and this was a waste of time and ridiculous.
      I think we managed to plant seeds in the beginning, but pretty quickly we switched to seedlings. We have fresh tomatoes, the most wonderful deep purple Italian eggplant, crisp, cool, cucumbers, dark green peppers and more. I also insisted on ornamental corn because I had visions of rows of gold, rust and burgundy kernels in big wooden bowls for display in our antique shop. The Pilot In Command said it wouldn't work....he was right).
      Recently the Pilot In Command planted potatoes and they are the very best potatoes we have ever tasted. We planted more the second year because they were so darn good and they were gone by late October! We planted Jalapeno peppers one year and the Pilot In Command made delicious, hot Red and Green Pepper jelly. Beautiful glistening shades of green and red that we gave to friends for Christmas.
       So, here we are and it's coming up on Spring of 2013 and you ask...What will you be planting in your gardens this year? Well, if it's up to me we will plant pumpkins, corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, eggplant, cauliflower, peppers (all sorts), tomatoes (can't wait to try a new fried green tomato recipe!) kale, heirloom varieties to try new things, strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb...oh! and asparagus. But, you see, it's not up to me.
      The Pilot In Command works those beds as if they are his babies. Taking a break from the hectic office phone calls and paperwork that sometimes weigh on his shoulders so hard and so heavy, he can't leave the seat in his office. The seat that looks out on the garden of 3 raised beds. The beds that have become his therapy in a sometimes too busy world. I'll come home to work on a day when he is working out of the home office and he will be muddy and happily watering the raised beds. "Taking a mental health break".
Lucky I have so much energy eh? I think we'll plant what ever The Pilot In Command wants to this year...


  1. Nice. Try carrots and also Collard greens. They can be good sides to a special meal. By the way I accidentally stumble on this blog. I like the writting so far. I will check back again. Chiao!

  2. Thanks Ziggy, I forgot carrots. Shame on me! I'm open to trying anything...bit of a foodie am collard greens are an option too....wonder if they will grow OK in New England?