Thursday, March 21, 2013

Esteemed shoppers!   Please read the post below and if you have snagged some great finds at Sage Farm please!!!!! Tell them your story. C'mon now, who hasn't scored a great find at Sage Farm Antiques! Help a sista out here :) Thanks for your support and we look forward to another great season for 2013!

Be Well,      Sharyl

We at Flea Market Style love a good rerun, and today, we
are once again asking you to  Tell us about one of your favorite junk/antique/vintage purchases from an antiques shop, vintage store, flea market, thrift shop or auction house still in business!
No garage or estate sale finds for this query, please!
What was it?
Why do you love it?
Where did you buy it?
Please share the name and location of where you scored your great find. We may publish your response in an upcoming issue of Flea Market Style.
You can contact us by sending an email to with "FAVORITE VINTAGE PURCHASE" in the subject line. Dont forget to include your FULL NAME and contact information (as well as your blog/website, if you have one) so we can get in touch with follow-up questions.

Don't spare the details! Ki purchased Glenda, pictured, from Jim Cox while junking  in West Point, Neb. She and Cammie climbed ladders and pawed through the contents of numerous shelves in search of  treasure...and there she was!

We look forward to hearing your stories, too!

Christine and Kim

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